Stitching of Snow – close up

in search for a drawing

I sew the snow by hand


cascades of water and sand

I stitch moonlight on ice

it is soft outside and firm within

or not

everything is in doubt

and everything will be turned outward

if necessary

I am looking for a drawing


and see it 

in everything

then I draw with a needle upon it all


SestreS, 2019, photo collage, background photo: Abbas Kiarostami, Snow White Series

The choice of materials suggests polarities which are revealed through the sensory characteristics: dark – light, airy – opaque, soft – firm, gentle – strong, smooth – rough.

The polarity can also be perceived in the process of implementation: the visible seams of two materials, the hem are treated as the aesthetic quality themselves.

Sensual, soft, and occasionally erotic forms are not in contrast to the geometric and solid surfaces; the drawing sometimes follows the form and emphasizes it, sometimes discreetly liberates.

The integrating moment comes from the consistently pursuing effort to bring opposing qualities into harmony. Bravery lies in the ability to embrace opposites and attune them. Just like the women we are designing for.

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