SestreS = sisters Ivana Stamenković and Jelena Stevančević, fashion designers from Belgrade, Serbia. They have been present in the contemporary fashion scene since 2000. In 2006 sisters introduced SestreS brand.

SestreS creative process is pretty much based on handwork and cannot be multiplied, so it’s mostly about unique pieces, often designed for the particular person. In 2009 they launched “SestreS for Every Day” line, small series production of machine-made clothes, yet with some handmade interventions.

artistic approach

meditative observation.
examination of nature offers a new perception.
understanding the architecture of natural shapes instead of literally replication.
transforming nature into abstraction.
the form is seen as a landscape you can walk across, over, and through.
structure made of interconnections.
express of wonder.
always express emotion, even the best idea is an empty shell.
take time.
who we are must be obvious in our work.
simplify, complicate, simplify again.

we design for

A self-conscious woman who is not afraid of her femininity. She does not hide her sexuality but does not like to be objectified. Elegant but not conventional. She is brave, never afraid of not fitting in. Confident and vulnerable at the same time. Not ashamed of her body, does not tend to be perfect. She feels free to express herself. She accepts diversity as a virtue.